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Black Tide
9923 Ridgeland Ave #198
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
United States

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Black Tide started off doing print design work and eventually got ambitious, expanding into the digital world creating video and computer graphics for web sites and cable television. I could babble about all the things we do, but you wouldn't believe me. Why don't you just look. Go ahead, it won't cost anything to look. If something isn't listed or you have a project you need help with, please send us an email or give us a phone call.

Oh before I forget.  Lay your eyes on the video explaining how Black Tide operates. Then you go back to browsing the site.
Diva, Webmistress

We do logo design, business cards, DVD box covers, CD jewel artwork.  If you aren't sure if we can do it call
and ask. Didn't your Mom tell you if you have a question you should ask?

We start at a minimum $500 for a design job. Designing is hard work.
Email us and someone will give you a quote. We require a fifty percent deposit
before any work can start.

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