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About Black Tide

Black Tide
9923 Ridgeland Ave #198
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
United States

Film Department

Welcome to Black Tide Graphic Design's Film/Video Department !

Please browse around and look at some of the cool things we have done.
We are proud of our work and have received kudos from our customers also.

We are guerrilla filmmakers. We can make video projects happen with a minimal crew and less than
a million dollar budget. The big guys call that micro budget.

Here are some of the talented producers and directors and we have worked with. The list is short because my memory isn't too good but Diva knows the crew here has worked with many others.

Dragonfly Cell (aka Indie Videosmith) Episode One

Dragonfly Cell (aka Indie Videosmith) Episode 1 will be re-run on cable. Watch CAN-TV Channel 21 .

August 14, 2016 - 10:00PM Central Time
August 16, 2016 - 11:00PM Central Time
August 19, 2016 - 11:00 PM Central Time

Dragonfly Cell May 2016 Air Times!!

Dragonfly Cell will air May 5, 2016 on Evanston Community TV, (ATT Channel 6)

2:35PM and again at 11:35PM

Please tune in and watch the adventures of Centipede and the Dragonfly Cell as
help another client solve their problem.

Dragonfly Cell : Mission 2 February Air Times


Dragonfly Cell : Mission 2 is airing in February.
Yes!! If you missed the premiere of Dragonfly Cell you can catch it again.
Re-runs TODAY FEBRUARY 13, 2016 at 5:30PM
Chicago Access Network TV
Channel 19
FEBRUARY 27, 2016 at 6:00PM .

Dragonfly Cell: Mission 2 Premieres on Cable, CANTV Channel 19

Tempest DFC

Watch Dragonfly Cell: Mission 2 on Channel 19 , CAN-TV in Chicago

2016 Schedule
January 9 - 1:00PM Saturday
January 14 - 10:00 PM Thursday
January 24 - 11:30 AM Sunday
January 31 - 10:30 PM Sunday



Meet Pengo of Dragonfly Cell

Drawing of Pengo of Dragonfly Cell

Pengo (Katrice Hayes) is a long time member of Dragonfly Cell. She handles more of the physical aspects of the film making industry.  She is an Electrician, Carpenter, practical special effects expert. She is also more elusive and secretive than even Centipede himself. Her assistance is always in a support role where she is most comfortable. She frequently is heard but rarely seen,

Listen to her talents, in Dragonfly Cell : Mission 2

Premieres January 9, 2015, Saturday
CAN TV Channel 19 in Chicago
1:00 PM CST


Meet Seamus from Dragonfly Cell


This is Seamus (DoMonique Goens)  from Dragonfly Cell.
She gained her producer and director experience working on several indie films and commercials, and web videos. She can assemble a crew
and deploy them into any gig within a short pre-production time. Her strict project management ability and multiple gifts using film equipment
makes her indispensable.

Watch her work in Dragonfly Cell :Mission 2 on
Chicago Access Television, Channel 19
1:00 PM Saturday January 9, 2016/


Meet Luigi from Dragonfly Cell

Photo of Luigi from Dragonfly Cell

Meet Luigi (Frank Sjodin) an agent for the covert team known to some as Dragonfly Cell.
Luigi is the fun-loving and passionate member who knows everything about audio recording, video capture and camera basics.
His skill is never without demand as he works with Centipede, Strife, Princess and others to get the gig done.
He once recorded an entire production with hidden microphones, never once using a boom pole.

Watch the expertise of Luigi on Dragonfly Cell: Mission 2 premiering on

CANTV Channel 19 in Chicago
1:00PM Central Standard Time


Meet Centipede from Dragonfly Cell

Photo of Centipede from Dragonfly Cell

Meet Centipede (Desmond D.), the leader of the Dragonfly Cell covert production team.
This organization will accept any mission to help an independent film or video producer. His team consists of the most capable and talented film production people in the industry. They use their skill, combined with guerrilla film making techniques to assist new film makers achieve their dream.

His identity is secret to keep the big corporate film studios from stopping his mission.

Watch Centipede in Dragonflycell: Mission 2, Premiering on CANTV Channel 19.

Meet Strife from Dragonfly Cell: Mission 2

Photo of Strife from Dragonfly Cell

Meet Strife (Sriram Parthasarathy), a member of the secret production team known as Dragonfly Cell.
Strife is a capable pre-production expert. He can work with next to nothing and help make a feature length film. but don't show up without a script.
He has worked with several Dragonfly Cell members and is always confident in every project he is assigned.

Watch Strife on Dragonfly Cell: Mission 2 premiering on

CANTV Channel 19
January 9, 2016 at 1:00PM CST



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